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About me

My name is Danae, I’m an architect-turned graphic designer who loves to travel and animals. One of my greatest joys in life is traveling - exploring new places, trying new foods and immersing myself in different cultures. I also deeply enjoy reading books, painting, and spending time with my dogs, Lobo and Perdita.

I’ve been working in the creative industries since I was 18, because I was just so eager to learn about the process and work involved, hence, why I majored in Architecture.

However, I've always felt passionate about a wide range of topics, including community development and sustainability, and have discovered that graphic design is one of the tools through which I can contribute to communicating important messages to others. 


I've been actively volunteering in various NGOs since I was 16 years old, and hope to continue to be able to do so. 

Mis últimos proyectos

My latest projects


poster series | ladies of hollywood

A poster series design featuring three female legends of Hollywood: Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, and Lucille Ball. 

Mesa de trabajo 4.png

social media campaign | acontecer

Social media campaign to promote a small, independently-produced coming-of-age play. 

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